Our Sedation Specialists can help you avoid the pain and anxiety associated with medical or dental procedures.

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Sedation Specialists in Greensburg, Pennsylvania

Medical anesthesia services available for in-office procedures

Allied In-Office Sedation Specialists (AIOSS) is a corporation that provides all levels of sedation or anesthesia.  AIOSS specializes in safe and professional anesthesia related services needed for medical or dental procedures and is performed in-office rather than in a hospital setting. Our anesthesiologist, along with his staff, will come to your doctor's or dentist's office to provide the anesthesia part of your procedure. You will be given medication as needed to create relaxation or sleep while being monitored with the best and safest equipment available. By having the procedure done in a setting that you are familiar with, you are more relaxed and less stressed about the procedure itself.  
Dental Office, Sedation Specialists in Greensburg, PA

Our Goal
Our primary goal is to provide our patients with safe and effective anesthesia.  We also want to ensure our patients remain comfortable during all medical and dental procedures. 

As an anesthesiology specialist, Dr. Yurigan can provide the level of sedation needed for patients of all ages. Most importantly, he can make all procedures "Easy" for everyone!

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Prior to any scheduled appointments, Dr. Yurigan's staff will contact all patients (or parents) to get any and all information needed regarding medical conditions that can affect his treatment. The doctor will then review your medical information and contact any physicians, as needed, about upcoming treatment, and then contact you to discuss what will happen before, during, and after treatment.  

Most patients will view their surgical procedures to be relatively short and painless, without the sights and sounds of a traditional 'hospital setting.' Furthermore, the risk for post surgical infection is significantly decreased by having your procedure done "in-office" rather than in a hospital. Please visit our "Understanding Sedation" tab for more information on what to expect with the different types of sedation that AIOSS offers.

The cost of anesthesia services is based upon many factors, including your insurance coverage and the type of procedure. Call us for more information today!


Note that in Pennsylvania, Act 94 mandates that health insurance companies cover anesthesia related services for children 7 years old and younger and those with special healthcare needs. This Act is known as "The Children and Special Needs Patient Access to Quality Dental Care". 

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